Source: FFBridge “The bridge makes it possible to tackle many questions of mental gymnastics, it is a teaching tool of first class”, Cédric Villani, deputy of Essonne, author of the report to raise the level of the French in mathematics. Parents The bridge allows students, from the fourth year, to develop, in a fun way, the qualities of concentration, analysis, autonomy, initiative and memorization. It also helps social development by being the only sport of the mind to practice with a partner. Many schools, colleges and high schools have tested  and implemented bridge courses. Teachers Are you interested in using bridge in your classes? Since 2012, the Ministry of National Education has encouraged the practice of bridge at the school by signing an agreement with the French Bridge Federation (FFB), renewed in 2016. The convention is based on the fact, that the bridge promotes, from the primary school, the reflection and the acquisition of the bases of a mathematical reasoning, via numerous operations of mental computation and simple deductions that the game demands. The bridge is an excellent working tool in the framework of interdisciplinary practical lessons (EPI) and personalized accompaniments (AP). It can be easily associated with math but also with history, French and even foreign languages. The FFB trains teachers of the National Education, provided them with material to integrate the bridge in their course. The FFB has thus trained more than 1000 teachers … Students Improve your average math, it is possible thanks to the bridge. The bridge makes it possible to work, while having fun, the statistics, the countings and the probabilities, the arithmetic, the geometry as well as the algorithmics.

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