Source: Eugene Register-Guard – 27 Sep 2002 North dealer Both sides vulnerable

Opening lead — club suitK Another letter arrived from the Society of Finessers. I hear from the secretary of that august group when they pass a resolution with me as its target. “Sir,” read the letter, “we must again protest the lack of respect you accord the finesse, an honorable technique. In real life, finesses work half the time; in your columns they almost never work. Get with it.’ Today’s deal should appease the Society. South lands at four hearts, ruffs the third club and fears West has the K-Q of diamonds for his strong bidding. South can succeed with an end play but must make it impossible for West to lead safely. South therefore leads a spade — and finesses with the queen! He takes the ace, ruffs dummy’s last spade and draws trumps. South – then lets the jack of diamonds ride, and when West wins, he must return a diamond, giving South a free finesse, or a black card, conceding a ruff-sluff. Unless South takes the ”unnecessary” spade finesse, he must lose two diamonds.

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