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An Ear to the Oppnonents’ Bidding by Fred L. Karpin

Source: "Winning Play in Contract Bridge" Whenever your partner has doubled a final contract in either no-trump or a slam and you are on lead,...

Endplays Avoids Finesse

Source: The Evening Independent - 23 Jul 1936 After a beginner at bridge learns the rank of the cards, the second thing usually taught about play is the...

End Play By Frank Stewart

Source: The Day – 17 Jul 2000 Dealer West. All Vul K 9 5 3 2 7 6 3 A K 9 9 2 A 7 Q J 10 9 4 7 4 A Q...

Escape the endplay By Mike Lawrence

Source: February  2015 ACBL Bridge Bulletin    The following deal is interesting in that it offers all manner of things to think about. It’s a deal in...

Eliminations Play by David Bird & Martin Hoffman

Source: Inspired Cardplay The most familiar type of elimination play is the “ruff and discard elimination”. The defender who is thrown on lead has the choice...

Tactical Moves in Play by Terence Reese

Like chess, bridge has an opening, middle, and end game. An end game situation arise when a defender ( or it can be the...


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