Source: Free at the Bridge Table I haven’t posted anything on Gazzilli before. It’s one of my favorite conventions which occurs when the auction starts 1M-1NT or 1Heart Suit-1Spade Suit. It’s a very simple convention with big advantages, few disadvantages, and it comes up frequently. A 2club suit rebid from opener is a 2-way bid, showing one of 2 hand types: – 16+HCP, any distribution – less than 16HCP, natural (or semi-natural if that fits your system) Responder has only 1 strong response: 2Diamond Suit shows 8+HCP, any distribution. Any other bid shows less than 8HCP and is natural. In this case a preference should be given to a doubleton Major support. Opener will now clarify which hand type he’s holding: – After 1Heart Suit-1Spade Suit/NT-2club suit-2Diamond Suit, opener rebids 2M with the weak version. Any other bid shows 16+HCP and makes the auction GF. Bidding 2 of the other major usually shows a 3 card suit, which makes finding 5-3 and 6-2 fits a lot easier. – After any weak bid, opener will usually pass with the weak version. With 16-17HCP and misfit he’ll also pass. With a very strong hand he can bid a new suit. With fit he can still invite or bid game. Basic structure after 2club suit: 2Diamond Suit = 8+HCP
…2M = <16HCP, (semi)natural club suit …2OM = 16+HCP, any hand with 3 of the other major …2NT = 16+HCP, balanced, no 3 of the other major …3m = 16+HCP, natural, no 3 of the other major …3M = 16+HCP, natural, no 3 of the other major …3 of the other major = 16+HCP, 4 of the other major 2M = <8HCP, 2-3M 2 of the other major = <8HCP, natural, 0-1M 2NT = <8HCP, minors, 0-1M 3m = <8HCP, natural, 0-1M
There are some specific exceptions: 1Heart Suit-1NT-2club suit-2Spade Suit = <8HCP, 3Spade Suit (1NT already denied 4Spade Suit) and both minors (5530 or 5431). 1Heart Suit-1NT-2club suit-2Diamond Suit-2Spade Suit = 16+HCP, 4Spade Suit (showing 3Spade Suit is useless). Obviously you can modify this structure a bit, for example use 1Spade Suit-1NT-2club suit-2Diamond Suit-2Heart Suit to show 3-4Heart Suit. As a result, 1Spade Suit-1NT-2-2Diamond Suit-3Heart Suit will now show 5Heart Suit. You can also use 1M-1NT-2club suit-2Diamond Suit-2OM as various handtypes (this saves space!). If you play Kaplan inversion, it also has implications to rebidding 2OM after a 1Heart Suit opening. As usual there are a few (pretty rare) problem hands: <8HCP with 1=4=4=4 and the auction starts 1Spade Suit-1NT-2club suit. Usually it’s best to just bid 2Heart Suit and hope for the best. Another one is after 1Heart Suit-1Spade Suit, when responder has a strong hand you may have some difficulties. Playing Gazzilli frees up a few rebids for opener: – Jump rebids (like 1M-1NT-3m) show a 5-5 with 2 great suits but less than 16HCP. If responder has honours in both suits, 4M in a 5-2 fit can be possible. A typical example is AKxxx-AQxxx opposite Qx-Kxx. 10 tricks are for the taking if both suits behave a little bit. – 1Heart Suit-1NT-2Spade Suit shows a minimum hand with 6Heart Suit-5Spade Suit. – 1M-1NT-2NT: you can use this to show a GF hand with 6M-4m. Since these are difficult to bid anyway, you might as well make it easy using this tool. In my current 2/1 system we play Gazzilli. The weak version can be with only 2club suits (5M332 or 4=5=2=2) because we prefer to have our 2Diamond Suit rebid natural with 4+ cards. Only exception we have to the 2Diamond Suit rebid is when we have 4=5=3=1 exactly. Playing 2Diamond Suit or 3Diamond Suit is acceptable since we have true ruffing value.