IBPA, WBF and FUNBRIDGE have entered into a double-pronged agreement: (1.) FUNBRIDGE and WBF have agreed to sponsor three new IBPA awards for play in online events: Best Declarer Play, Best Defence and Best Bid hand. The agreement is that these awards will carry the same cash value to journalists and players as do the regular annual IBPA awards. Players and journalists are encouraged to submit their award candidates to the IBPA Bulletin for publication. Players may write up their candidate deals themselves, have a journalist write about them or submit them directly to the editor of the IBPA bulletin at: ibpaeditor@sympatico.ca. 2.) IBPA members are eligible for five free plays in FUNBRIDGE online tournaments Here is the offer:


5 WBF Robot Tournaments for free with this gift code: IBPA19

You can download FUNBRIDGE for free at: www.funbridge.com and follow the instructions there to play or simply to try it for free. In addition to the International Bridge Press Association and the World Bridge Federation, FUNBRIDGE has agreements with the European Bridge League, the ACBL, Le Bridgeur and 14 National Contract Bridge Organisations to provide their online tournaments.

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