Source: A group of young men from Ireland is attending the NABC in Atlanta as practice for the upcoming European Junior Championships to be held in Croatia in 2019. According to coach and manager Thomas Mac Cormac, the U.S. excursion will help him select the final roster for the squad that will represent Ireland in the Under 25 division of the championships. “We’ve been bringing players to the NABCs since Kansas City in the spring of 2017, but this is the largest group we’ve had so far” said Mac Cormac. The more experienced members of the team are trying their luck in the 0-6000 Mini-Spingold KO Teams, while the rest are playing in regional team events. Mac Cormac said he was thankful for the help he received from GS Jade Barrett and Dr. Donna Lombardini in training the team members, both from online sessions and from Barrett’s travel to Ireland. Mac Cormac was able to attract a variety of sponsors to help with team travel expenses, especially from U.S. players Michael Hughes, Pat McDevitt, and Bob Solick. Top Irish player Tom Hanlon is also a sponsor, as is the Milltown Golf Club in Ireland – where Mac Cormac is the club bridge pro – which raised 1500 euros for the trip.