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Everyone, come check out Friday night bridge duels!

Hosted by bridge teacher extraordinaire Rob Barrington of New York, and Gavin Wolpert (you might know who he is), this is a great show. It features two top pairs competing for cash. Here is how it works. You log into your YouTube account. If you don’t have one it’s free to get, but if you have a Gmail account then you already have a YouTube account even if you don’t know it. Then you subscribe to the YouTube channel, and the options for these premium events will be given to you. The show is incredibly entertaining and exciting. There is a bidding and play portion. The two pairs bid some sets of difficult hands and are scored against each other. Then they play hands. The winners earn cold hard cash. The whole time, the pairs are broadcasting their thoughts, live, to the show. Step into the minds of great players during a competitive situation. Listen to the banter. And watch great bridge. Gavin and Rob break it down for the new players, so even their complicated bidding methods can be easily understood. The first week. Joe Grue and Brad Moss took down the Grossack brothers in an exciting match that came down to the last hand. This week, Grue and Moss defend their title against John Kranyak and Vince Demuy, 7:30pm Eastern. Check it out at

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