Every now and then I am asked about my greatest coaching success. I usually don’t talk about World or European championship medals, but “small” situations that give much more happiness and determine the sense of work. Today, again, it was one of those “small” situations. Admittedly, only the match 1/3 of the final of the Polish U-15 Championship (after 300 medals won, this is not the first). In the composition of the team it is possible that the best couple in the world in this age category – Kacper Kuflowski and Franek Kurlit.
Janek Trojak
The match in which the Culture and Sports Center in Skawina was a “stone” favorite. But until halftime two experienced pairs lose high (-21 imp) and unexpectedly. The second pair of the team is the youngest in the team – Milena Klimiuk (11 years old) and (13 years old). And they reverse the match result, playing almost perfectly, especially in the final phase, when … experience was to decide! 43: 3 from the second half and a sure win! And the medal of the Polish Youth Under-15 Championships is already guaranteed – for both heroes the first in this age category.
Milena Klimiuk
A few words about Milena and Janek: ♠ ️ have been playing bridge for only 1.5 years, which is really short (although they have already had their first successes) ♥ ️ approach trainings extremely conscientiously and compulsorily, but also “demand” additional tasks themselves ♦ ️ in the qualifying matches of the Polish Championship they played the most hands and were team leaders ♣ ️ next week they will get a “guaranteed” medal, who knows whether or not gold 🙂 And in a year or two … (the team is complemented by Wojtek Bąk and Szymon Rojek).

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