Source: The Times-News – 21 Jul 1978

Opening lead: Spade Suit2 After South’s opening bid showing a game-forcing hand, South ended as the declarer of a diamond slam. East doubled the six diamonds contract, one of those Lightner lead directors. West dutifully opened his deuce of spades and there was South somewhere between a rock and a really hard place. South could finesse and wind up deep in the soup or he could rise with dummy’s ace and try to find some way to make 12 tricks. Can you do as well as South did? We’ll give you a hint. There are two 10 spots in dummy and South used both of them to bring in the slam. He took dummy’s ace of spades and drew trumps with four leads. Then he cashed his ace and king of clubs and ace of hearts and entered dummy by overtaking his jack with the queen. Next came the jack of clubs lead. Now came the real key play. South chucked his king of hearts. West was on lead with the queen and had to lead a heart or a club. It made no difference. South discarded his last two spades on dummy’s pair of tens.

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