Source: Staying at home involves some renunciations, including, alas, the Bridge played in the Associations. However, the Federation has decided to continue to offer cardholders at least the pleasure of taking a chair and taking a seat to corner the Bridge of adults (albeit, of course, in a virtual way). The online training sessions of the players of all the national teams (which obviously cannot carry out attendance matches), including the youth ones, during this period will therefore be open to the public. Sometimes these are duplicates, in other cases of “bidding room”, in still others of a free table. The platform used will be Bridge Base Online. We will update this page with all the scheduled appointments. To reach the table or the room where the training sessions are held, the most convenient method is to add the nicknames of the coaches to your “friends” and, when you want to kibitz, click on the nickname and select the “join” option. at the table”. Dario Attanasio (National youth teams) is etna2 Franco Baroni (senior national team) is frabaro Valerio Giubilo (youth national team) is Giammi Didi Cedolin (senior national team) is Rosto Margherita Chavarria (National youth team) is Machaka Tuesday 17 March 2020, 17.00: Leonardo Cima – Barbara Dessì and Monica Aghemo – Andrea Buratti will make a duplicate against Dario Attanasio – Gabriella Manara and Giuseppe Failla (who can be deployed with Luca De Michelis or Francesca Carnicelli, depending on availability). Tuesday 17 March 2020, 9.30 pm: The Senior Azzurri Giuseppe Failla – Andrea Buratti in team with the Lanfranco Vecchi – Berardino Mancini from Pescara meet the Versace team. It seems that Alfredo himself launched the gauntlet: he wanted to face the “top” to train. Old and new guard in comparison: who will win? Wednesday 18 March 2020, 17.00: Scatà (Sebastiano Scatà – Andrea Manganella and Alessia Rotolico – Agnese Di Mauro) tackle in duplicate Gargiulli (Pietro Gargiulli – Oslo Gardenghi and Valentina Dalpozzo – Federica Dalpozzo) Wednesday 18 March 2020, 18.00: The teams Percario (Giacomo Percario – Roberto Sau and Vincenzo Fresa – Enrico Adinolfi) and Giubilo (Gabriele Giubilo – Gianmarco Giubilo and Annachiara Pelaggi – Maddalena Pelaggi) compared This is the second meeting of the # under26onlineiorestoacasa; the protagonists are the Azzurrini of the national teams under 26 and under 21. Wednesday 18 March, 18.30 The under 26s of the Draghi teams (Simone Draghi – Simone Montoro, Sophia Capobianco and Eleonora Dalpozzo) and Carletti (Carletti – Luca Draghi, Matteo Lombardi – Antonio Lombardi) cross the cards. Wednesday 18 March, 6.45 pm: The Senior Ruggero Pulga – Aldo Mina and Amedeo Comella – Stefano Sabbatini will face the strong Cayne team for a match with the taste of the old head-to-head between the Blue Team and the American team. Wednesday 18 March, 8.15 pm: The ladies of Italy and Denmark will cross the cards. Wednesday 18 March, 8.45 pm: The “Juniors” Giovanni Donati – Federico Porta and Stefania Giuffrida – Claudia Bongiorno meet the Scopelliti team (Claudia Scopelliti – Cristina Brusotti and Chiarandini – Gaiotti). Thursday 19, 6.45 pm: It’s time for the Seniors again: Berardino Mancini and Sergio freddio together with Paolo Guermani and Gagliardi will meet the Cayne team

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