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Contract Bridge Association of Ireland Junior Camrose Team 2020. 4th of 6 teams doesn’t tell the story of the weekend. We had 2 debutants at this level, Sheila and Isabel who were superb teammates and won 3 from 3 matches not bad for 1st time out. Arran Bolger subbed in for a sick John Connolly and played amazingly well shows his talent against the Scots claimed at trick 1 in 4H Contract made I hope you continue to play. He partnered Stephen Barr a class player, he has a work ethic second to none and gets best line of weekend “No it’s ok Thomas I’m not angry just disappointed”. Our most solid partnership Conor Boland & Michael Donnelly, Conor has won the most National Congress competitions & masterpoints of the team and is adapting well to the new system. Michael IMO is the heart of the team gave as always a fabulous speech for the CBAI team with the approval of Dermot under 20 NPC and myself. He was received enthusiastically by the players and officials alike and did us proud. The joy and sheer positive life force I get from being their NPC is a tonic. The team with two matches to go had an outside chance of winning, the future looks bright. Finally for now thanks to my team, the other countries players officials and supporters and the Host country the Welsh Bridge Union and in particular Mel Thomas a great job. Under 20s report to follow Thomas Mac Cormac NPC Junior Camrose CBAI

Source: EBU This weekend Wales hosted the Junior Camrose and the Peggy Bayer in Newport, South Wales. They generously invited England to send two teams to each event, an England team and an EBU team. In the Junior Camrose the EBU (under 21) team came in a close second with 145.18 VPs, only 0.58 VPs behind 1st place Scotland. The England team came third with 132.09 VPs. The Peggy Bayer was a huge success for our juniors as they took the top two places. The EBU (under 16) team came 2nd with 144.83 VPs and the clear winners of the event were the England team (pictured) with 162.71 VPs. Congratulations to the EBU and England team for taking the top 12 places on the butler. Congratulations to all who played and well done to all teams for podium finishes. The England and EBU teams are as follows: Junior Camrose England Team
Ewa Wieczorek and Laura Covill
Stephen Kennedy and Tony Ye
Jonathan Clark and Kripa Panchagnula
NPC David Bakhshi
EBU Team
Harry Madden and Oscar Selby
Sam Anoyrkatis and Liz Gahan
Theo Anoyrkatis and Andy Cope
NPC Mike Bell
Peggy Bayer England Team
Jack Ronayne and Theo Gillis
Henry Rose and Jasmine Bakhshi
Imogen La Chapelle and Alex Pemberton
NPC Heather Dhondy
EBU Team
Jamie Fegarty and Venetia Anoyrkatis
James Cater and Lucy Norman
Bjorn Ahl and Thomas Gardner
NPC Giorgio Provenza

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