Ronan Valentine, Liam O’Brien, Stewart Pinkerton, Athena Chow, Glen Falconer, Jun Nakamaru-Pinder, npc Gosia Rozman behind the camera
Congratulations to Jun Nakamaru-Pinder & Stewart Pinkerton, Ronan Valentine & Liam O’Brien, Athena Chow & Glen Falconer, npc Malgorzata Rozman who have won the Junior Camrose Trophy for the first time since 2012. England’s second team, EBU, finished less than 1VP behind in an exciting finish with England third. Chloe Farrell & John Russell, Adam Tobias & Wan Hew Tran, David Tobias & Aidan Woodley, npc George Plant finished fourth in the Peggy Bayer Trophy in an event dominated by the two England teams. Full results
This year’s event was held in the University of South Wales in Newport, Wales on 14-16 February. In the Junior Camrose Trophy Scotland was represented by Jun Nakamaru-Pinder & Stewart Pinkerton, Ronan Valentine & Liam O’Brien, Athena Chow & Glen Falconer, npc Malgorzata Rozman. Scotland has started well with two good wins over Northern Ireland and Wales on Friday evening and continued scoring highly on Saturday by beating both the England teams. first beating EBU by 17 imps and then England by 5 imps on Vugraph. They finished the first round-robin unbeaten by beating Ireland by 33 imps. The second round-robin saw good wins against Wales and Northern Ireland before a wobble and defeats by both England teams. Going into the final match with Ireland they needed to win by 20 imps to guarantee the trophy and did it comfortably (according to the team) with a 23 imps win.
Junior Camrose FINAL VP
Scotland 145.76
EBU 145.18
England 132.09
Ireland 117.91
Wales 33.76
Northern Ireland 24.30
In the Peggy Bayer Trophy Scotland was represented by Chloe Farrell & John Russell, Adam Tobias & Wan Hew Tran, David Tobias & Aidan Woodley, npc George Plant. Scotland started very well on Friday with a narrow win against the second England team and a big win against Wales. Scotland beat the very inexperienced second Wales team by 55 IMP on Saturday morning but were then comprehensively beaten by the favourites, England, and they did not fare any better against Ireland. In the second round-robin, they beat the two Wales teams but lost to both England teams, before getting some measure of revenge with a good victory against Ireland in the final match.
Peggy Bayer FINAL VP
England 162.71
EBU 144.83
Ireland 129.18
Scotland 117.93
Wales 36.32
WBU  9.03
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