Source: IMP Bridge The Hague, 16 February 2020 In the March issue of IMP, Mikael and Ola Rimstedt , the current world champions in open pairs, compete against three top pairs of BB Nijmegen in the IMP Vin Munnen Bidding Competition . We can already tell you that the talented Swedish twins have achieved impressive results. The readers of IMP will eagerly look forward to the way in which the Rimstedts always reach the optimal contract through their natural reading system. It gets even better, because recently you can bid the hands from the Bid Competition itself . This is already possible one or two weeks before publication in IMP. And when the magazine hits you, you can make a nice comparison with your heroes. How it works? Together with your favorite partner, you bid the set of hands on your smartphone or tablet via the bid72 bid app , whereby it does not matter whether you (or your partner) have a paid account at bid72 or are still in your probationary period. You can download the app from the App Store or from Google Play and then register for the Bid Competition by sending an email to stating your name, your partners name, your email address, your partners email address plus the code ‘IMP Bid Competition 2020. You will immediately receive the set of eight hands in the app and then you can get started. You only have to register once, because prior to each subsequent IMP Vin Munnen Bid Competition you and your partner will automatically receive the relevant set of hands on your smartphone or tablet.

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