Source: BBO We’re happy to introduce BBO’s newest team member, the young, smart and creative Alexandra Quintin (Nolexpeet on BBO), who will be running the marketing department. Alex worked in advertising and marketing before joining the world of bridge two years ago. She loves music, her cat Booba and she’s working on her bridge skills when not going out with friends.
Alexandra, aka Nolexpeet on BBO
Alexandra, aka Nolexpeet on BBO
When did you discover online bridge and BBO? It’s really recent actually. I discovered online bridge two years ago when I began to work for another bridge app, and I discovered BBO at the same time. I wasn’t a bridge player at all. I loved card games but wasn’t playing bridge. I hate to be bored and I always need to feel my brain is working, even boiling if I can say that haha and hmm bridge is the perfect game for that. On BBO, what do you like to play? I’m still a learner (but everyone is still a learner in bridge, even when they are experts, right?), so I like to play « Just Play Bridge »  with robots so I can have the time to make my mistakes. I also like to kibitz interesting tables! What do you find most difficult about learning bridge? Bidding. It’s a total new language with its own codes as any language. It’s difficult that you always have to be concentrated and focused to play well. You can’t do that and speak on the phone for instance. Very strategic. You’ve recently joined the BBO family. How do you like it so far? Any unexpected experiences with BBOers? So many things to come! For the moment, I like it. And I really like my new coworkers. I think I’m going to feel like home 🙂
What else do you do in your spare time? I do a lot of things, gosh I don’t know where I find the time haha. I play music, trombone, in a brass band. I have been playing for more than 18 years. I listen to music like everyday. I like to go to the cinema, I like to read, sing, write, go out, play games, take care of my plants. And cuddle my cat Booba of course 🙂 And am I allowed to say I like having beers with friends… ? 😉 Who is your role model? I don’t have a role model… I have some people I admire of course (but that doesn’t mean I would like to be like them haha). Starting with my mom, she is a very talented artist and I love the way she paints. I couldn’t name all the people I admire for their talent, courage or other qualities, there are too many 🙂George Harrison, Alexandre Astier, Sophia Loren, Anna Karina, Serge Gainsbourg… (OK, now you guessed I’m French!) If you could choose a superpower, what power would you like to have? Hmmm tough one, I think I would like to fly… Simple one but cool, right? Also, if I could have a «switch-off » button for my thoughts, it would be awesome haha. What is the best advice you ever received? I don’t know, I received more than one of course… I like this one: « Don’t ever stop to learn, be curious. » I think  this is the best one because it stops you from being boring and asleep. Keeps you awake. And I think you can apply this to bridge! 🙂 What can be done to get more people into the game, in your opinion? It should be taught in school, at all schools 🙂
Is there anything else you’d like to share with BBOers? A picture of my cat of course. She’s Booba, and she’s my buddy! She loves and bites everyone! 😉 Don’t forget – you can still enter for the 6th World Youth Open Bridge Championships being held in Croatia from 20 – 29 August.

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