Anshul Bhatt is a 12year-old who loves playing bridge. He recently gave a TEDx talk titled “Bridge: A Game for Life”. In this spectacular story, Anshul beautifully depicts that age is just a number, all one needs is passion and grit!
Anshul was the youngest ever winner, at the age of eight, of the prestigious Joan Gerard Youth Awards at the World Youth Open Bridge Championships, where he represented India in the U-16 category. The award is given every two years to one player globally for aptitude, fair play, and international spirit.
Anshul Bhatt
A student of Grade VIII at the Dhirubhai Ambani International School (DAIS) in Mumbai, India, Anshul has diverse interests and an insatiable curiosity that extends from the sciences to the humanities. He enjoys reading books by Philip Pullman, JK Rowling, and JRR Tolkien and is a die-hard Star Wars and Avengers fan. He loves to cook, to play board games, and to write short stories. Every evening, he looks forward to playing squash, cricket, football or going cycling with his friends.   Anshul has been regularly participating in and performing well at various open category local, national, and international tournaments. He won the Junior National Championships (U-26) in Mysore, India, in August 2018. After observing Anshul at the 2017 HCL Bridge Championships, World Bridge Champion Dennis Bilde told Business Standard, “Anshul has the mind of a 25-year-old who has been playing bridge all his life.” Anshul Bhatt can be reached on: Press Coverage: Business Standard, May 2018   Meet Anshul Bhatt, a bridge champ at eight: Having taken up the game just a couple of years ago, eight-year-old Anshul Bhatt is making bridge history Bridge Federation of India website, September 2017  8-year old Anshul Bhatt wins prestigious Joan Gerard Youth Award Mid-day, September 2017  Mumbai: This 8-yr-old boy plays the right cards Sunday Times of India, September 2017  Bridge award for Anshul DNA Delhi, September 2017  Bridge award for Anshul World Bridge Federation Website, September 2017  Page of Joan Gerard announcement Indian Express, August 2019  Bridging the age gap: Three Indian juniors make it to Junior Bridge World Championship Videos  TEDx, April 2021 Bridge: A Game for Life WBF: Interviews with Anshul Bhatt, August 2017] The video includes two interviews with 8-year-old Anshul Bhatt from India, the youngest participant at the World Youth Bridge Championships at Lyon: in the first, he talks about his bridge journey that led to Lyon, and in the second, he shares his experiences at the tournament WBF: Anshul Bhatt wins Joan Gerard award for kids category, August 2017 WBF: Anshul Bhatt conducting the oath taking at the opening ceremony, August 2017 France TV: Interview with Anshul Bhatt 

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