Source: “Case for the Defense”
Victor Mollo
Victor Mollo
Wikipedia:Victor Mollo (St Petersburg 17 September 1909 – London 24 September 1987) was a British contract bridge player, journalist and author. He is most famous for his “Menagerie” series of bridge books, depicting vivid caricatures of players with animal names and mannerisms through a series of exciting and entertaining deals—bridge fables of a sort. Mollo attended Cordwalles School but neglected his studies and devoted himself to bridge. As an editor in the European service of the British Broadcasting Corporation, he began to write books and articles on the game. After retirement in 1969, Mollo started to write even more extensively, and up to his death in 1987 he wrote 30 books and hundreds of articles. He was also active in developing bridge cruises, mostly in the Mediterranean. South deals.
West North East South
Pass 2 Pass 2NT
Pass 3NT DBL Pass
Pass Pass

What should West lead from:

Q 7 6 4 2 Q 10 3 2 J K 3 2


J There can be no doubt that East doubled for a diamond lead. It is the accepted meaning of a double in that position and West’s singleton fits into the picture. Clearly, East has good diamonds over North, who bid the suit. Glad to oblige, West leads hisJ.

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