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December 17, 2019

December 27th will herald a thrilling time for our junior players.  The 2019 Michael Seamon USBF Junior Championships will begin that day. And – people from all over the world (even in Minnesota! 😀 ) will be able to watch the action of our talented young players through to the last day of 2019.

Peg Kaplan
Peg Kaplan

Although the photo above is of two players who are not Minnesotans, the success of one in particular, Finn Kolesnik, was quite astounding.  Finn is now 15 or 16 years old. Yet despite his youthful age, he and partner John Ramos finished in third place in the Blue Ribbon Pairs in San Francisco!  The BR Pairs is one of our elite events, thus this is quite the achievement for Finn and John!

Finn’s huge showing in SF didn’t stop there, though. With teammate Bo Han Zhu (above with Finn), plus Cristal Nell and John Ramos, their team was 20th in the NABC+ North American Swiss event.

We look forward to seeing how Finn and his team does in Atlanta during these championships. But of course we will be rooting big time for our Minnesota junior players, many of whom are competing!  We are proud to have talented and earnest competitors from our state. A number of them have competed in and won trips to the summer collegiate competitions.  Some have competed in open competition with great success – and earned medals in world wide competition!  We hope that many from our state and all over will be able to watch some of the events and root for our talented players!

Big thanks to the many who contribute to the USBF Junior Championships:  donors, board members, Vugraph operators, the Bulletin Editor (go Suzi Subeck!) – and last but not least – our stupendous juniors!

The first Bulletin for the event is below the line. Hope many of us can watch at least some of the action and cheer on our many wonderful and talented Minnesota bridge players!

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