Beginner course in bridge  The training will take place at BBO (Bridge Base Online ). The course serves both as a stand-alone beginner’s course in bridge, and / or as a supplement to private training or a beginner’s course in a local club. No prior knowledge needed.

Practical information about the course

  • Startup:  Friday, March 20. The first two lessons are a preliminary course, designed for those who have never played bridge or American before. Those who have been to the bridge before are advised to wait for lesson 3
  • Time:  Three lessons a week: Fridays, Mondays and Wednesdays at 15-17. 12 lessons. The course is completed by Easter.
  • Price:  Free. Textbook (Game Bridge 1) can be purchased separately (295, – incl. Shipping). Order in the registration link. The books are sent out as soon as we can – during these quarantine times it may take a bit longer than usual.
Enrolled participants will be sent the next lesson via email, as well as summary and tips from today’s games.


Program beginner course

Each course evening will consist of 40 min theory on a “teaching table” that will be open to all. Then comes an 8-game tournament with games that belong to today’s theme. The training table is set up about half an hour before the course starts, and you can find the training table by going to the user NBF course’s table. The tournament will only be open to course participants / course participants with friends (sponsors) from the club.

 Overview of lessons

  • March 20: Chapter 1: Basic rules, tips for playing in the NT  (Lecturer: sgs3)
  • March 23: Chapter 2: Contract, exit, bad, color contract  (Lecturer:)
  • March 25: Chapter 4:  Honor points, opening messages. (Lecturer: mixmaster)
  • March 27: Chapter 5: Opening Hand’s 1NT and Answers  (Lecturer:) 
  • March 30: Chapter 6:  Support messages, answer to opening 1 in color  (Lecturer:)
  • April 1: Chapter 7:  Opener’s second message  (Lecturer: mixmaster)
  • April 3: Chapter 8:   Rehearsal and questions  (Lecturer: sgs3)
  • April 6: Chapter 9:  Submissions and Replies to Submissions  (Lecturer:)
  • April 8: Chapter 10:  Enlightenment Doubling  (Lecturer:)
  • April 10: Chapter 10:  Strong opening hands  (Lecturer: mixmaster)
  • April 13: Chapter 11:  Weak  Opening Hands (Lecturer: sgs3)
  • April 15: Chapter 12:   We play tournament bridge  Join one of NBF’s tournaments at BBO
Bridge teachers  Course holders fv:  Top: Agnethe Hansen Kjensli, bottom left Katarina Ekren, th Sofie Græsholt Sjødal and Thea Indrebø. Don’t forget to follow us @