Source: 2009 European Youth Romania/Bul.02 This will be a play problem from previous European Youth Championships hoping you are too young to have seen it before. Then you can compare your skills with the Juniors of the past. This is the first. How should West play 5Diamond Suit on a spade lead? Per Arne Flaatt of Norway solved this problem at the 1988 Junior Europeans in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. (Other Juniors to come to prominence there were Geir Helgemo of Norway and Jean-Christophe Quantin of France). First Flaatt knocked out the Heart SuitA. The defence won the second heart and continued with a spade. Flaatt ruffed, then cashed KING and ace of trumps. Diamonds did not break, but he was in the right hand to continue hearts. North did not ruff but was later put in with the third trump to lead clubs. Playing for split honours, Flaatt made his game. These problems are taken from a book published by Masterpoint Press with selections from Bridge Magazine’s Problem Corner by Patrick Jourdain.