Round 1 Russia v Sweden

Board 15. Dealer South. North/South Vul.
Johan Upmark – Per-Ola Cullin
The opening lead was the jack of diamonds to the queen and king. North, Cullin, switched to ace and another spade and Mikhail Krasnosselski misguessed, finessing and losing to the queen. If South does not lead a heart at this point, his partner will be squeezed in the red suits. Upmark was aware of the situation and duly found the heart switch, the ten. Cullin withheld his king and Krasnosselski won. Now he ran all but one of his trumps to come down to this ending:  North had to find one more discard and could not afford a red card so pitched the four of clubs. Now Krasnosselski played theclub suit10 to dummy’s queen, ruffed a diamond and, after cashing the Heart SuitA, finessed theclub suit9 for his contract. Of course, Krasnosselski is top of the European Junior MP list, and perhaps a less  experienced player would have missed this opportunity. In the replay, the Swedish East bid 3club suit over his partner’s 2NT opening (again weak with both minors), and this went three down after Alexey Zaitsev led a trump.