Source: Spade Suit Heart Suit Diamond Suit club suit

E/W vulnerable, You are South.


The job of the defense is to use its relatively few assets (in comparison to the assets of the offense) to take as many tricks as possible. One major asset of the defense is the tempo associated with the opening lead. This tempo allows the defense to strike the first blow of the battle, and wise defenders don’t squander it. This is the key to the defenders’ successful defense.

Let’s examine what’s going on at trick 1, “Expert defenders” know that when the offense shows great strength, it is best to look for ways to manufacture defensive tricks with midrange cards. As a result, “expert defenders ” hoped that partner’s expected Diamond SuitA would provide the needed entry for the setting heart ruff to happen.

But the first trick provided unexpected extra food for thought!

A 4Spade Suitpreempt bid is very often made on eight trumps and not much else because the preemptor fears 4Heart Suit, or more, by the opponents. If all this is true, North can be expected to hold 2 Spades and at least 5 or 6 Hearts and have a host of options for how to follow suit to trick!.

What does the Heart Suit2 play mean?

Partner knows as much as or more about hearts as you do. You both know that the Heart Suit2, as attitude, makes no sense. Attitude is obviously negative and it is also most likely that you are leading a singleton and wouldn’t be able to return a heart if North wanted you to. So it’s partner’s responsibility to tell you how to reach her hand to get your ruff (Heart Suit2 for Clubs, Heart SuitQ for Diamonds and a middle, unreadable card for no preference).

Heart Suit2 says partner has a Club void and that shouldn’t be hard for you to believe given all the Clubs you can see!

What followed was: T2: club suitQ, club suitK, Spade Suit3, club suit2. T3: Heart Suit2, Heart Suit5, Spade Suit8 Heart Suit7. T4: Diamond SuitQ, Diamond SuitK, Diamond SuitA, Diamond Suit2.

The club suitQ confirmed South’s heart void.

North’s Heart Suit4 requested another Club ruff, but South’s count of Clubs showed East would over-ruff another Club.

So South opted to take the Diamond SuitA as the last (4th) trick for the defense to defeat this apparently impregnable sacrifice by two tricks for +500 and a top in a very large field. 5Diamond Suit makes for N-S.