Source: 16TH WORLD YOUTH TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS Salsomaggiore, Italy



1What would you do now? You must pass. What will partner assume you have? 5-5 in the majors and some 12 high-card points. What do you have? Almost exactly that. Opposite your hand, partner said that he did not think your side should go higher than two hearts. He might hold something like 1=2=5=5 (or 1=1=5=6!) distribution and be itching to double East. Only bid again when you have a lot of unannounced high-card power or distribution. 2 You lead the king of spades. Partner overtakes it with his ace and returns the two of spades, declarer following both times. What would you do next? You should realize that declarer knows that you have the king of hearts. Your partner did not respond to your one-spade opening and has already produced four points in the ace of spades. So, South will play to drop your king of hearts and will get lucky. You have just one chance. Cash the ace of clubs (necessary if declarer had a singleton club and could make a loser-on-loser play) and lead your lowest spade — then hope that partner thinks to ruff with his eight of hearts to force a trump promotion. If he ruffs with the three of hearts, … fill in your own conclusion to that sentence.