Frank Stewart
Frank Stewart
Source: Sun Journal – Sep 25, 2008 In 1966, Hugh Kelsey made his reputation as an author in one stroke with ‘Killing Defense at Bridge’ but that was only the first of many exceptional Kelsey offerings. Kelsey gives today’s deal on a simple example of drawing an inference on defense. N/S Vul. Dealer South.
A 6 J 8 6 4 K Q 9 Q 10 7 2
9 5 K 9 5 2 J 8 7 5 3 K 6 J 10 3 Q 10 7 3 A 10 6 2 5 4
K Q 8 7 4 2 A 4 A J 9 8 3
West North East South
Pass 2NT Pass 3
Pass 4 Pass 4NT
Pass 5 Pass 6
Pass Pass Pass
Openning Lead 2 Against South’s slam, West leads an aggressive 2 and South takes East’s 10 with the ace, leads a spade to dummy and returns the 10 of trumps to finesse. When West takes the K, should he try to cash the king of hearts? HEART LOSER Kelsey points out that if declarer has a heart loser, he also lacks the ace of diamonds, else he would take three diamond tricks to pitch a heart before he finessed in trumps. Moreover, South can’t have a void in diamonds; then he wouldn’t have used Blackwood. West should lead a diamond at Trick Four. The way to improve is to read everything you can get your hands on.