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Would You Find the Winning Defense? by Marc Smith

Source: IBPA Bulletins; 2000 March Marc Smith reports a deal from the marathon England Trials (seven weekends) to select teams for the Camrose and next...

Surely a World Record by Zia Mahmood

Source: The Guardian Thursday 7 July 2011 I once had the distinction, if that is the right word, of making no tricks at all as declarer...

Draw the Inference by Frank Stewart

Source: Sun Journal – Sep 25, 2008 In 1966, Hugh Kelsey made his reputation as an author in one stroke with ‘Killing Defense at Bridge’ but that was...

Counting the defensive tricks By James Jacoby

Successful defense requires fast thinking. In particular a defender must use the bidding to picture the strength of declarer's hand. This information, plus that...