Source: Ben hails from Hong Kong, and came to Australia after completing high school, to study medical science. He now works in cellular biology. Very much into BBO with his Hong Kong Chinese friends back “home”, he dreams of constructing complex Polish Club bidding systems. Ellen has just finished a maths and engineering degree, and now works at a commercial mathematics consultancy. When not at the bridge table, Ellen is often found running in the early morning or limbering up at indoor rock climbing clubs. But ironically, never get between Ellen and a bowl of ice cream! Oliver has only played bridge for a year, being introduced to it by Darren. He is not new to competitions, however, having played chess since he was five. Away from games, he studied economics and statistics, and works for an engineering company. Darren (“Dazza”) Brake was born in the UK, and took up bridge relatively late in life, joining his sister Jessica and dad Paul in the bridge scene. He has recently completed degrees in economics and science. He is currently working part time as an English stylistic advisor for a Japanese company, and tutoring recently migrated school students, whilst planning his next snowboarding holiday. The youngest in age, Jack Luke-Paredi is the most experienced youth team member, debuting in the Qld youth team 2016 in Brisbane. In his second last year at school, his interests include chess, live theatre, lifesaving and, most importantly, annoying his big sister. Jasmine came to bridge at 12, after being introduced to the game by her dad. Currently in her last year at school, where she is a sports fanatic (especially in respect to all things volleyball). she hopes to study engineering and commerce at university next year.

Don’t forget – you can still enter for the 6th World Youth Open Bridge Championships being held in Croatia from 20 – 29 August.

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