The prospect was not very bright for Slovenian junior bridge 5 years ago, when only three junior players remained in U25 competition. But luckily the U31 competitions were introduced and we were given 5 more years (though the new virus took two of them away). Salsomagiore became our last realistic chance to put in an old team (we promise to have new teams in near future) and we just had to take it. But, since most of us are young employes, with a lot of work and not a great salary, the help was need. Apart from the National bridge federation (Slovenian bridge federation) we got two sponsorts who made our trip possible. The Adria Mobil company is provider of great mobile homes, ideal for the beautiful Adriatic sea surrounding our country and our neighbours. There vision is to make a world mobile and they helped us fulfill our dream to represent our country. The TipTop company is the provider of interesting, unique and very satisfying online slot games. There understanding of probability merged greatly with bridge, and the company CEO Mr. Blaž Švara showed great bridge talent already, having finished with 52% in his first club game, without ever having taken bridge course. He might become a force to be reckon with in bridge in the near future, though not in junior event. To summarize, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to both sponsors and all our national players for the support we were given. As a side not, since University of Ljubljana has credited bridge as a subject, we promises that this is not the last you have heard of Slovenian juniors. But from the half of our time, ciao-ciao junior years, it was fun while it lasted.

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