Kids: Isis Lundkvist (Sweden)
Sweden will qualify for Salsomaggiore Championships in three categories, and the youngest team is now selected:
Andrea Nilsson; BBO Nick: Andrea lo
MayaLo Björk HEED
MayaLo Björk Heed; BBO Nick: Maya lo
“Veteran Trio” Isis Lundqvist, MayaLo Björk Heed and Andrea Nilsson from Varberg will make their last U16 championship and are supplemented by Filip Asplund Sivelind (Ludvika) and Leah Eriksson (Gothenburg).
Filip Asplund Sivelind & Tony Hakansson
Sara Asplund Sivelin
The captain will be Sara Asplund Sivelind (Ludvika) and coach Lars-Anders Callenberg (Varberg). We wish them a well-played championship and a friendly team all the best in Salsomaggiore July 31 – August 9 this summer!

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