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Mistakes We All Make by Barry Rigal

Source:  52nd Gold Coast Congress Bulletin 2 As we all know, bridge is a game of mistakes. The deals in this article show players making...

A Taster by Andrew Robson

Source: This deal is taken from Andrew Robson’s Daily Bridge Column is available in animated form at the Times online’s website. Produced by Conrad Brunner.

John Kranyak (USA) in Auction

During the World Mind Games Beijing 2014 John Kranyak commented this hand played with his partner Vincent Demuy.

Allow your Opponents to Make Mistakes by Karen Walker

Source: ACBL  My friend and partner Colby Vernay of Lacon IL is fond of telling bridge stories that feature the Last Buffoon. I don’t know...

Two Questions of Duty by Beverly Kraft & Eric Kokish

"When You open the bidding at the three-level you hope to make life more difficult for your opponents than your partner, who is often...

The Security of the 4-3 Fit by Paul Lavings

Bridge is a game with thousands of unusual situations. Being aware of these situations is called “Technique”. One point of technique is that a 4-3 fit is often right...

Hoist by his own Petard by Zia Mahmood

Source: The Guardian Thursday 11 August 2011 A lead directing double with a happy ending. For some reason no expert today believes that his partner is capable...

Know when to say NO by Marty Bergen

Source: ACBL As I’ve illustrated: You shouldn’t try to bid every slam that just happens to make. You should never play partner for the perfect hand. If you...

Two, Three, or Four?

Source: https://skybridgeclub.com

Generating Swings by Peter Hollands

Peter Hollands is a very talented young bridge player who was a grand master at 23 and has represented Australia and Victoria in open...