Source: Bocchi & Madala Big Bang Bridge Hello everyone, I wanted to share with you one of my bridge philosophies applied to the bidding that convinces me more and more. The premise is that in the bridge that is being played today, more and more opponents seek with interventions, barrage and conventional bids with more meanings, to shut your mouth and consequently take you out of contract. Moreover, sometimes they find defenses that few find or lead you to compete on the 5th level, sending you 1 down, that’s why my philosophy is to make an aggressive but attacking bridge, I’ll explain: All very unbalanced one-color hands at the limit of the opening or with minimum opening that I could open at level 1, I try to open them at a higher level , every time my partner opens in a major and I have a forcing hand, but not too strong, I jump to level 3/4 differentiating the distributions (type fit 3 cards with a single or 4 cards or an unbalanced hand and so on) , and other similar situations …… This implies that my line will be more imprecise as regards the slam hands (sometimes it is not said) but I will gain in all the hands that opponents do not have time to disturb finding phantasmagorical defenses or even worse contracts made in a tightrope. Example if I open 4 hearts (or 3NT which would be nice barrage to hearts) with X AKJXXXX KJXX X it is true that I could arrive to slam but if the opponents have 12 points and 12 with spades even distributed 5 on one side and 5 on the other, they can do nothing but pass. Or my partner opens 1 spade and I make a bid showing support at a high level the opponent with X XXX KXX AQJXXX if at level 2 or 3 intervenes it will be more difficult for him to do it at level 4 or 5.


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