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Solution to Riddle N° 23 by Sophia Baldysz

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Solution to Riddle n.15 with Hanoi Rondon – Chile Youth

Don’t forget – you can still enter for the 6th World Youth Open Bridge Championships being held in Croatia from 20 – 29 August. Don’t...

Stories not Worth Repeating By Alfred Sheinwold

Source: St. Petersburg Times – 17 May 1971 One of our early American novelists did pretty well with an effort called “Twice Told Tales,” but there is reason...

A Primer on Reverse Bidding Part 1 by Mike Hargreaves

Source: BBO News "I thought that it might be of some use to set out some guide to reverses. In what follows, I am describing North-American...

LC Weak 2 Talking Bridge Sound Track by Larry Cohen

Larry Cohen Talking about Weak 2-bids from his "Talking Bridge" visit:

The best of the the bad options


Allow your Opponents to Make Mistakes by Karen Walker

Source: ACBL  My friend and partner Colby Vernay of Lacon IL is fond of telling bridge stories that feature the Last Buffoon. I don’t know...

Two Questions of Duty by Beverly Kraft & Eric Kokish

"When You open the bidding at the three-level you hope to make life more difficult for your opponents than your partner, who is often...

Painful Things by Ted Horning

Source: The Montreal Gazette – 17 Mar 1981 "Life in the wrong contract can be a most uncomfortable experience. If one adds a terrible trump division, it...

The “Rule of Sixteen” by Andrew Robson

Source: Sometimes - often - you can gain more by penalising the opponents than by making your own contract. This is particularly true when an...