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Italy 2023 Championship U26

Source: FIGB  The CAPOBIANCO – APD Tennis Club President (Agonists – Experts category) and BINAGHI – ASD Bridge Institute 2000 (CAS – Beginners category) won...

The engineer Andrea Dalpozzo and his three bridge champion daughters

Source: www.sabatosera.it A glass of whiskey and a full ashtray? Black glasses and straw in the mouth? No, you are out of the way. There...

3rd WBF Youth Teams Online Championships: Women U26 Italy Team

Participants Draws Results Announcements Articles Women U26: Italy Team Players Valentina DALPOZZO Federica DALPOZZO Eleonora DALPOZZO Sophia CAPOBIANCO Annachiara PELAGGI Maddalena PELAGGI Claudia SCOPELLITI Cristina BRUSOTTI NPC & Coach Margherita CHAVARRIA Conventions Card CC - Dalpozzo-Capobianco CC - Dalpozzo - Dalpozzo xxx Don’t forget to...