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Take Notice of Negative Inferences By Heather Dhondy

Source: Alton Bridge PLAYING teams, South opens 1NT (12- 14) and West passes.You bid 2, Stayman, with the North hand and partner responds 2. What...

Bridge Game is full of inferences By Phillip Alder

Source: www.thedalleschronicle.com Who said, “We do not learn by inference and deduction and the application of mathematics to philosophy, but by direct intercourse and sympathy”? Interestingly, when...

Inferences from the auction by Jeff Lehman

Source: bridgeblogging.com I am often amazed at the strength of inferences one can draw from the game of bridge. Inspired by hands that partner and I held...

Negative Inferences by Marshall Miles

Source: Negative Inferences by Marshall Miles Perhaps you won’t consider the following hand a problem. True, it shouldn’t have been. But it is the sort of...

Marshall Miles, inferences in bridge by Amit Chakrabarti

Source: acblunit391.org Amit Chakrabarti is a Bridge Theorist with a particular interest in high level bidding systems development.  Marshall Miles, an ACBL Hall of Fame member, stresses this...