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Back in the Saddle: Marty Bergen & Larry Cohen

Source: ORLANDO-FALL NABC 2016-NOV. 24-DEC. 4 Results/Bulletins    Facebook The celebrated partnership of Marty Bergen and Larry Cohen saw its heyday in the mid- to late Eighties. The...

LC Weak 2 Talking Bridge Sound Track by Larry Cohen

Larry Cohen Talking about Weak 2-bids from his "Talking Bridge" visit: https://www.larryco.com/

It’s your call! By David Berkowitz

Source: 41st Spring North American Bridge Championships Reno, Nevada March 19-29, 1998 There are always hands that cause problems. Check out this deal from a Vanderbilt...

Law of Total Tricks

Source: Wikipedia In contract bridge, the Law of total tricks (abbreviated here as LoTT) is a guideline used to help determine how high to bid in a competitive...