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Bridge Quiz: Leads by Howard Schenken & Richard L. Frey

Source: The Norwalk Hour – 19 Nov 1966 Bridge Quiz The happy knack of selecting brilliant opening leads is posseseed by very few players. But the ability to...

The Lead’s The Thing by Justin Lall

As declarer, the clue that helps me figure out the hand the most is the opening lead. There is a wealth of reliable information...

Opening Leads: When to be Passive

Source: Some auctions (such as those where the opponents have shown a good source of tricks outside the trump suit) call for an aggressive, potentially...

An Extract from The Theory of Opening Lead By Krzysztof Martens

Source: Gold Coast Congress 2016 The Theory of Opening Lead By Krzysztof Martens  Winning defence does not require exceptional skills or knowledge. Mistakes in this element...

A Complete Bridge Leads Course

Source: Standard Leads (1) Leading a Trump If you can attack a contract, it is usually best to do so. However, there are times when a trump...


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