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28th European Youth Team Championships: French Teams

Source: Benoît Devèze FB Wall Presentation of the 5 French teams 🇫🇷 who will participate this summer in the 28th European Team Championships which will...

Junior Channel Trophy (On-Line) 19th to 20th December 2020

Source: EBU Results JUNIOR CHANNEL TROPHY GIRLS JUNIOR CHANNEL TROPHY YOUNGSTER TROPHY U16 CHANNEL TROPHY Played on RealBridge 19th – 20th December 2020 Last results 19 — 20 Dec  Juniors  Cross Table Netherlands...

French Junior Teams Championship: Wombats is the 2020 Champion

The final's last boards were played yesterday April 30th by: Wombats team Maxence FRAGOLA JARJAILLE Nao TABATA Romain BLOCH Clement TEIL Amel ASMI Colin DEHEEGER Team Girls Sarah COMBESCURE Beryl DUFRENE Mathilde THUILLEZ Anais LELEU After 50...

FFBR: Junior by 4 Semifinal A (Boards By Romain Bloch)

April, 28 2020 Thank You: Romain Bloch for sending us this information. Today were played half of the boards corresponding to the French Youth Online Championship...

FFBR: Junior by 4

Source: Follow the ½ finals, Monday April 27 and Tuesday April 28, on  BBO  from 8:30 p.m. They will oppose: - Team Rimstedt against team Wombats - Team Oslo...

3rd WBF Youth Teams Online Championships: U26 France Team

Participants Draws Results Announcements Articles U26: France Team Players Arthur BOULIN Baptiste COMBESCURE Melic DUFRÊNE Luc BELLICAUD Raphaël BASLER Sarah COMBESCURE Pierre Bedouet Leo ROMBAUT Romain BLOCH Theo GUILLEMIN Captain NP Coach Christophe OURSEL  Luc BELLICAUD Conventions Card CC - Bellicaud - Bedouet CC _ Basler - Dufrene CC...

Thirty Seconds with Romain Bloch (FRA) by Marina Lantzouni

Wujiang, August 13 2018 Mrs Marina Lantzouni (GRE), is making a video serie, in this opportunity with: Romain Bloch member of France Kids.