April, 28 2020
Romain Bloch
Thank You: Romain Bloch for sending us this information. Today were played half of the boards corresponding to the French Youth Online Championship semifinal. The players were: Rimstedt team: Baptiste COMBESCURE, Leo ROMBAUTLuc BELLICAUD, Théo GUILLEMIN, Arthur BOULIN and Mikaël RIMSTEDT


Wombats team: Maxence FRAGOLA JARJAILLE, Nao TABATA, Romain BLOCH, Clement TEIL, Amel ASMI, Colin DEHEEGER

Second Segment

Board 2 Dealer East N/S Vul At one of the tables, the bidding arrived to 5Spade Suitdoubled = -200. The declarer lose one heart and two clubs for one down, at the other table, East played and won 5Diamond Suit, 550 or 8 imps.
Board 6 Dealer East E/W Vul. Both tables played the same contract, in one room West led a diamond and trumped the diamond return for one down. At the other table North was declarer and East chose to lead a club, contract done, for 14 IMPs.
The Wombats team defeated the Rimstedt team: 80 to 43. In the other semifinal the Girls team achieved a tight victory against the Olso Finesse team by 118 to 111.


The final will beguin on Thursday, April 30, 9:15 pm on BBO .

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