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EUROPE VS CHINA! The challenge has begun!
Pioneers (P. Huang, L. Jing, S. Gang, Z. Yongge, L. Xin and THE MASTER Jerry Li) Geely Auto (G. Shengyue, W. Liping, C. Yunlong, S. Haojun, S. Shaolin, W. Wenfei) Zhejiang Qiantang (D. Jianming, C. Jien, C. Gang, Q. Jinsong, J. Zhao, P. Hua, Z.Chen and SIMON DE WIJS!! (we are surprised as well!!)) PD Times (J. Chen, D. Lidang, F. Zhong, H. Xu, Z. Lin, F. Xuefeng, H. Yan) VS. Switzerland (P. Zimmermann, K. Martens, F. Piedra, S. Brink, B. Drijver, M. Klukowski, P. Gawrys) Sweden (F. Wrang, A. Palma (the only palm in Sweden), F. Nystrom, J. Upmark, M. Rimstedt, O. Rimstesdt, P. Bertheau, S. Hult) Poland (K. Buras, G. Narkiewicz, J. Kalita, M. Nowosadzki, B. Chmurski, P. Tuczynski) Netherlands (J. Van Lankveld, B. Van den Bos, The other Drijver, B. Nab, M. Schollaardt, M. Groenenboom) Four rounds of 16 boards: April 28th, April 30th, May 5th, May 7th will decide the best European and best Chinese squad. On may 8th they will play the final to figure out the champion. All the matches will start at 14:00 CET of a given day – Kibitzers may watch the matches on BBO! Absolutelly most entertaining event of next few weeks – don’t miss! Bridgescanner team will keep you posted with news and results!

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