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August 27, 2019

U21  Final: Badoell – Poland

Badoell: Erik HANSSON (Sweden)Castor MANN (Sweden)Oscar NIJSSEN (Netherlands), Tim VAN DE PAVERD (Netherlands) Poland: Jakub BAZYLUK (Poland)Krzysztof CICHY (Poland)Tomasz KIELBASA (Poland)Kacper KOPKA (Poland)Marek MARKOWSKI (Poland) (NPC)Board 24
Kopka opened 1, and his partner answered 2 (FG with diamonds), 2 intended to accept the suit, but after his partner’s 3, Kopka 5 clarified the trump suit. Finally they landed in 6. The A lead and a heart continuation ruined their hopes. One down. At the other table E/W carefully stopped at the fifth level and had no problems to make it, and 10 IMPs for Badoell. Board 26  
After Nijssen’s 1opening bid his partner answered 2FG, South continued with 2 showing a minimum hand, North continued with 2, Nijssen showed his club suit and North closed the 3NT game. Lead: J Cichy led the J, dummy played his6 singleton, Kopka played the king and declarer won with the ace. Van de Paverd continued with the 10 and when East played low he also played low from dummy winning the trick. When he continued with another heart, East played the queen that was covered by dummy’s ace. Now declarer played a club to theJ, and Cichy played hisQ wining the only trick for the defense. Declarer claimed 12 tricks. At the other table the bidding arrived to a different and higher spot. Bazyluk also opened 1 and his partner started showing his spades, South continued describing his hand with 2, and the 2continuation was 4th suit forcing. 2NT showed a weak opening bid, 3 clubs was natural, and the partnership started a cuebid sequence, after which they arrived to the club slam. After theQ lead, declarer only lose the trump queen making 12 tricks, and winning 12 IMPs.

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