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September 23,  2019

Bermuda Bowl: 3:30 in Bs As, I decided to watch Italy – Norway. When the match ended I was left with the impression that I have witnessed too much double digit swings. For Italy the problem was that there were much more in the Norway column. 

These were some of the boards:

Board 19 (QF, 2/6)

Duboin opened his hand with a 3Spade Suit bid and everybody chose to pass = +140.

At the other table, Brogeland chose to open at the second level, that helped Sementa -Bocchi to arrive to the club game = +600 and 12 IMPs for Italy.

Board 20 (QF, 2/6)

Tundal showed his hand with a 4club suitopening bid, Madala-Duboin arrived to the 4Spade Suit contract and went one down. At the other table Sementa opened with a 3NT bid, Bocchi corrected to 4Heart Suit and Brogeland doubled, end of story.

Brogeland led the Diamond SuitA from Diamond Suit AQ109xx, and switched to a small spade. Bocchi covered Lindqvist queen with his ace, cashed the Diamond SuitK and played a heart to the ace, afterwards came the king and claimed 8 tricks, two down -500. And 12 IMPs for Norway.

Board 23 (QF, 2/6)

At one table N/S arrived to 3NT after not finding a major fit. They ended making 10 tricks. At the other table Duboin also chose to open his hand saying 1Heart Suit, Tundal doubled and Madala- Duboin did not forgive. The norewigian pair ended playing 1NT doubled and payed 1400 after N/S made their 10 tricks.  10 IMPs for Italy.

Board 24 (QF, 2/6)

Tundal opened his hand with 1Spade Suit, and after showing a minimum hand with 6 spades cards, his partner chose to play 4Spade Suit. Declarer lose 2 spades and a heart, for +420.

At the other table Sementa opened with 2Spade Suitm and ended playing a diamond partscore, 11 IMPs for Norway.

Board 26 (QF, 2/6)

Kvangraven opened 1Spade Suit, and after hearing a 2Spade Suit from partner closed the spade game. After receiving a club lead, declarer won whith his ace and ruffed a club in dummy. Declarer ended losing, two trumps and a heart for +620. At the other table after a one spade opening bid, Sementa answered 1NT and didn’t accept his partner’s 3Spade Suit game try. 12 IMP’s for Norway.

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