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Good Timing by Tim Bourke

Source: IBPA Column Service DIC 2020 **Source: wikipedia: Tim Bourke "is an Australian bridge player and writer. His joint project with Justin Corfield "the Art of Declarer Play" won...

Look Wrong Way and Trumps Melt By Alfred Sheinwold

Source: The Morning Record LOOK WRONG WAY AND TRUMPS MELT "I don't know what happened to me," South muttered bewilderedly. "I started the hand with only...

Maintaining Trump Control by Jay Becker

Source: Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph – 25 Abr 1968 Maintaining trump control is the key to most hands played in a suit contract. Declarer must watch his step when repeated...

Trump Control By Ralph Katz

On Wednesday, May 8th 2016,  Melih Ozdil and Ralph Katz, founders of the new Ozdil-Katz Online School of Bridge, held a free lesson on BBO, focused...