Source: The Morning Record LOOK WRONG WAY AND TRUMPS MELT “I don’t know what happened to me,” South muttered bewilderedly. “I started the hand with only two losers, and while I was looking the other way two other losers suddenly developed. If a man can’t trust a six card trump suit, nothing in the world is safe any more.” Dealer South N-S VUL

Lead: Spade SuitJ South correctly played a low spade from dummy at the first trick and ruffed with the three of hearts. Then declarer led the seven of trumps to dummy’s king and returned dummy’s low trump. East discarded a diamond and South saw that his planned trump finesse was not going to work. Still fearing nothing. South took the ace of hearts and continued with the jack to force out the queen. West led another spade, ant South had to ruff again. This left declarer with only one trump, which he had to use at once to draw West’s last trump. SEES DANGER Too late, South saw his danger. He could take his four diamonds in addition to the few trumps he had already won, but then he was through. As soon as South touched the clubs, East was ready to take the ace of clubs and his good spades. South should make his contract by looking the right way. When South leads a trump at the second trick, he must try a finesse with dummy’s nine. When this succeeds, declarer can cash the king of hearts and enter his hand with a diamond to lead the ace of hearts. Then he concedes the ace of clubs and the queen of hearts to make his contract. South would be safe even if East had the queen of hearts because East would be unable to continue the attack on spades with the K-5 in the dummy. South had to keep West, the dangerous opponent, out of the lead to prevent a second spade lead through dummy’s king.

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