Source: The Spokesman-Review
A 9 3 8 8
8 7 6 6 5 K Q K J K
4 3 A 7 2
Love in bloom for progressive’ squeezes is not a sign of youth. It  comes from being chained to a bridge table after taking all 13 tricks in a deal that has two definite losers. With only one such loser a clevers player still has hopes. When no other helping play can be found, he resorts to a squeeze. With two such losers it may take a series of squeezes; a progressive squeeze. South was declarer at a grand slam contract of seven hearts and took the first eight tricks. His own hand is now in the lead when all four players hold the remaining cards shown above. Among his five cards, East is protecting all three side suits. Right here South leads his last trump and ruffs the smallest spade in dummy. East must now let go of one of his cards. If it is a spade, dummy two spades are good. If it is a diamond, both South diamonds are good. So, he sheds his club king and makes the dummy eight spot of clubs a best. Dummy wins a club and East is squeezed again. A diamond shed gives South two good diamonds that squeeze East again. A spade shed gives dummy two good spades that squeeze East again. You may never see this far ahead in the midst of a bridge game. But you can use this deal to stump your blends some dull evening. Or when you run out of other things that make them dizzy.

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