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How Many Trumps to Draw by Gavin Wolpert (USA)

Source: Gavin Wolpert bridge lessons

How Many Trumps to Draw by Gavin Wolpert

Gavin WOLPERT: about me "I am one of the founders of More than half of my life has been spent travelling the world playing...

When to Draw Trumps by Paul Lavings

Source:   One of the mysteries of bridge is when you should draw trumps. Yet the answer is so simple. "YOU SHOULD DRAW TRUMPS WHEN YOUR...

When not to draw trumps By Josh Donn

Source: BBO On Sunday, June 24, at 1PM US Eastern Time (7PM Central European Time), we had a special 1 hour teaching session with star...

Learn Trump Management

Source: Mr. Bridge By A. Kambites How to Stay in Control THE main purpose of having a trump suit is to keep control of the hand. In...