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3rd WBF Youth Teams Online Championships: U26 USA Team

Participants Draws Results Announcements Articles U26: USA Team PLAYERS Sarah YOUNGQUIST Cyrus HETTLE Victor XU Kyle ROCKOFF Sarik GOYAL Harrison LUBA Finn KOLESNIK  Michael XU Nathan FINKLE Ilan WOLFF NP Captain   David CAPRERA Conventions Card CC - Luba - Youngquist CC - Rockoff - Goyal...

USA U26 – The New World Champions (YOC 2019)!

USA U26 - The New World Champions (YOC 2019)! Ilan WOLFF, Nathan FINKLE, Hakan BERK, David SOUKUP, Victor XU, Cyrus HETTLE, Daniel SONNER, David Caprera...

2nd WBF Youth Online Championship – U26 Final By Simon Fellus

Here we are! After six months and many boards played we are at the final stage of the 2nd WBF Youth Online Championships. Read A...