2019 2nd WBF Youth Teams Online Championships LOGO
USA U26 – The New World Champions (YOC 2019)!
Ilan WOLFF, Nathan FINKLE, Hakan BERK, David SOUKUP, Victor XU, Cyrus HETTLE, Daniel SONNER, David Caprera (CNP)
Congratulations to USA, the New World Champions in the 2nd WBF Youth Bridge Online Championship 2019 (U26).
Excellent performance also for the runner-up – France U26.
Thanks to all participants, it was a pleasure and Get ready for the YOC 2020.
Gilad Ofir
🏆 Total: USA: 97 ↔️ France: 62
🏆 1st Segment Result: 12-19
🏆 2nd Segment Result: 17-23
🏆 3rd Segment Result: 48-19
🏆 4th Segment Result: 20-14