Many juniors of long ago that reached eventually the top of international bridge, will remember with great joy the twelve fabulous years (1993-2004) in ‘s Hertogenbosch where national junior teams from all parts of the world participated in the International Youth Bridge Festival. The event moved in 2005 to Amsterdam where it came to form as the White House Junior Internationals, played in Het Witte Huis. In 2018 the tournament will take place from march 25 with the final at march 30 march. The organisation is in the hands of Tim Heeres (2003-2008) and Bob Driver (2006-20011), in parenthesis their years as a junior. They have opened a special mail address for information and questions: The final of White House Juniors 2017 between Poland and the Netherlands was exciting up to the last board. Juniors from all participating countries as well as thousands of bridge lovers following it closely at BBO. The Polish juniors had a lead of 13 imps when the on before last board arrived: Dealer South All Vul
Q 9 2 10 6 4 2 4 A J 9 7 2
7 6 5 7 5 A K Q J 6 Q 4 3 J 4 Q 9 3 10 8 7 5 4 3 10 8
A K 10 8 3 A K J 8 9 K 6 5
West North East South
v. Overbeeke Zawada Polak Mahjcher
Pass 2 Pass 4
Pass Pass Pass
After the reasonable and predictable bidding sequence it ended in 4 for +680. The Carrousel Cup-2017 seemed to go in the direction of the Polish junior team.
West North East South
Sobzac Westerbeek Marcinowski Schols
2 2 Pass 4
Pass 4NT Pass 5
Pass 6 Pass Pass
At this table West found a 2overcall and after East did not raise with ‘only six-card support’. South, Michel Schols, saw gold in his hand and continued with an optimistic 4-splinter. North, Ricardo Westerbeek, had a maximum for 2, could no longer cuebid 4, and cooperated with a last train 4. The Dutch fans jumped from their chairs when East doubled and South redoubled (+1880) but for North it was impossible to pass and after RKC he settled for +1430 when the Queen of clubs proved to be Dutch. The match now tied and an overtrick imp at the last board brought victory to the Dutch juniors, so the Carrousel Cup-2017 stayed in the Netherlands.