Source: Bocchi & Madala Big Bang Bridge A situation that often occurs is as follows: Opening 1Heart SuitSpade Suit – Pass – 2 Heart Suit / Spade Suit and you, in the fourth position, since you have an opening, think that declaring 2NT serves very little. With this premise, many partnerships think that it is better to play Texas, to show many more unbalanced hands. I use a ladder after the sequences seen above (1Heart Suit/Spade Suit – Pass – 2Heart Suit /Spade Suit). After 1Heart Suit – 2Heart Suit we play: 2Spade Suit only natural bid 2NT for club suit 3club suit for Diamond Suit 3Diamond Suit (texas in their color) two colors; 5-5 spades / clubs not very strong 3Heart Suit two-colored spades / diamonds not very strong 3Spade Suit good sixth 3NT natural 4club suitDiamond Suit color mentioned + spades, very strong This allows, in the case of 6-4 or 5-4 very strong, to make two calls. For example, if you have Spade Suitx Heart SuitKQxx Diamond Suitxx club suitAKQxxx, you can say 2NT and, after your partner’s 3club suit you can say 3Heart Suit. After 1Spade Suit – 2Spade Suit we play instead: 2NT for club suit 3club suit for Diamond Suit 3Diamond Suit for Heart Suit and a good hand 3Heart Suit for Heart Suit and not good hand 3Spade Suit two-colored hearts / minor not strong 3NT natural 4club suit/Diamond Suit two colors the suit mentioned and hearts, very strong. I hope I was clear. It is not very difficult and it solves many hands. SEE YOU LATER