Source: To be part of a national team squad means, in short, that you are a current candidate to be selected for representation assignments such as EC, WC, NM or other invitational competitions within your class. On the junior side, the composition often changes from year to year, both when someone falls under the age limit for a certain class or because new talents show their forefoot and register their interest. The junior national team management makes, together with UK, a consideration of who gets a place in the squad.
The focus during the season is on the Junior WC, which will be played next summer at an as yet unknown location. Sweden has qualified there in the classes U26 (at the WC for players born in 1998 or later) and U21 (players born in 2003 or later) via the results at the European Championship earlier in 2022.

This year’s squad looks like this:

U26 Castor Mann – Erik Hansson Sanna Clementsson – Alexander Sandin Markus Bertheau – Erik Wiberg Tobias Bern

U21 Klara Gustafsson – Andreas Abragi Andrea Nilsson – Maya Lo Björk Heed Harry Hjort Warlenius – Ivar Lichtenstein Isis Lundqvist Filip Asplund Sivelind We also have a pair of U16s in the squad who, however, currently have no JVM to look forward to. U16 Matteo Nordqvist – Joakim Johansson Thanks to Yellow Cap – an initiative by Mats Nilsland and Lars Nilsson – we have the opportunity to offer the juniors regular online training against really good opposition. It has started brilliantly with a fifth place in the OCBL September Cup, promotion to the A group in ALT and just recently (unfortunately) a semi-final loss in the OCBL October Cup. Some other highlights during the season are a troop camp in Örebro 25-27/11 and JSM pairs in Stockholm 21-22/1. Finally: We have great ambitions to create a good business, but the coffers are tight. Organizing camps, contributing financial support when players and managers go to invitational competitions and participating in championships costs money. We intend to regularly inform about our activities and thus involve all members while at the same time we hope to arouse an interest in junior bridge. We therefore hope that some members will consider donating a penny to this cause when the opportunity arises. If you have suggestions, questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Why not challenge some of our juniors to a team match? Junior national team management Karl Asplund (captain) Johnny Östberg (squad manager U26) Mikael Grönkvist (squad manager U21)

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