Dealer South All Vul
A Q 3 Q J 10 8 3 K J 10 6 4
8 7 6 7 5 4 2 7 4 A K 9 3 K 9 4 3 A 6 6 5 3 2 8 7 5
J 10 5 K 9 A Q 9 8 Q J 10 2
West North East South
Pass 1 Pass 1NT
Pass 3NT End
Opening lead: 8 After the lead South, feeling that no harm could come from taking the finesse, played dummy’s three spot. East took the trick with the K and shifted to the eight of club. South covered this with the ten, West’s king winning. West then played back the 3 and East’s seven forced the J. Declarer now plunked down the king of hearts, which East won. East then produce the 5, and declarer’s Q-2 was entrapped by West’s K-9.All in all, the defenders took one spade, one heart and three clubs. Shall you and i play this one also? Let’s go. We count our tricks and preceive that we have one spade, four diamonds, and four hearts as soon as de drive our the defender’s ace of hearts. Hence, why risk the finesse in spade? So we win the opening lead with dummy’s ace of spades and lead a heart to our king. It wins, let’s assume. Then the heart nine is overtaken by dummy’s ten. East taking his ace. No matter what East return, our contract is now there for taking.