Source: Philadelphia NABC Bulletins Dealer South. E/W Vul
Q 8 6 Q 8 7 A K Q J 10 6 5
A K J 7 4 6 5 4 K Q 10 8 4 9 3 3 2 8 7 6 5 2 9 7 3 2
10 5 2 A K J 10 9 9 4 3 A J
West North East South
1 2 Pass 2
3 4 Pass Pass
Opening lead: A (ace from A-K in unsupported suits at trick one only).
Eddie Kantar
Eddie Kantar
Bidding commentary: The normal way to handle a major-minor two-suiter with opening bid values after RHO opens is to overcall in the major and then bid the minor, at the three level if you’re lucky. Playing Michaels cuebids, if the opening bid is 1 or 1, a cuebid of opener’s major shows five cards in the other major along with five or six cards in an unknown minor. The range is 8 to 11 or 15-plus HCP. “Tweeners” with 12-14 HCP (the West hand) bid both suits. Defensive commentary: East plays high-low in spades to show a doubleton. West knows that East can ruff the third spade. When giving partner a ruff with a choice of cards, the size of the card returned is considered suit preference and asks for a particular return. A low card (in this case a low spade) asks for the lower-ranking side suit (clubs), a high spade asks for the higher-ranking side suit (diamonds). West wants a diamond return, so he returns the J at trick three. It is not for East to reason why, it is for East to do or die. East ruffs the J and returns a diamond, which West ruffs – the only defense to defeat the contract.

Play commentary: As declarer, you just have to hope that they don’t find this defense! Also, if you and partner somehow managed to land in 3NT, you have just won the gold medal.